The Everything Piano Book

  • The Everything Piano Book with CD: From popular songs to classical music - learn to play in no time (Everything (Music))
    by Evan A. Copp

    Designed for the beginning pianist, The Everything Piano Book progresses step by step to an intermediate performance level. The first two chapters help you select and purchase the perfect instrument for your needs. Chapter three onward is all about playing the piano, with numerous written musical examples that you can listen to on the accompanying audio CD. You will learn to play the piano, read music, explore music theory, and even get some helpful tips on practicing and selecting the right teacher. Highly recommended!

    Learning the piano can be both fun and easy. Professional pianist Evan A. Copp takes students through the basics—Starting with the absolute basics of posture and proper hand placement, this easy-to-use guide progresses through reading basic musical notation, playing simple songs, and learning scales and music theory all the way up to techniques for playing by ear and with a group of musicians.

    This guide features:
    Easy-to-follow instructions for beginners
    The basics of reading music notation
    Tips on finding the right teacher
    Exercises to help build up skill level

    The accompanying CD provides audio examples every step of the way, so students can hear exactly how each practice piece should sound. Filled with clear, step-by-step instructions, finger position diagrams, music examples, and tons of professional tips, this guide will have students playing their favorite songs in no time at all!